About the Club

With two Master Sommeliers, an Advanced Sommelier with multiple credentials and a globally-respected Pizzaiolo picking wine for you, how can you go wrong?

Pizza Perfect Wines has developed an exclusive relationship with Girasole imports, a boutique importer/distributor of Italian wines, that allows our team of experts to hand-select amazing, distinctive and delicious wines – at rock-bottom prices – and ship them directly to you! We do the work for you AND eliminate the guesswork.

Through our exclusive relationships with producers, we negotiate deals that ensure we get the best wines at the best prices and, by going direct and eliminating a layer of distribution, we’re able to pass the savings on to you and include the cost of shipping. So, whether it’s pizza, pasta, or veal piccata, you can be CONFIDENT that you’ll always be getting the best wine at the best price for the meal you’re enjoying.

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